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Because we care about our students, we strive to provide them with the best education. In addition to providing them with a valuable learning process, we oversee all aspects of the students’ integral education, both on and off the school premises.

The parent is a child’s first teacher. What the child learns at home can't be taught at school. And, simultaneously, what the child is taught at school cannot be learnt at home. Therefore, the home, along with the school, plays an essential role in giving the child the proper education he needs to build himself a successful and secure future.

This is the role of the Parent-Teacher Conferences. It is very important for the parents to meet with their child's teachers to get a general idea of how their child is doing at school. Is he doing well or not? If he is not doing well, then what can be done to help him progress even further? If he is struggling, what can both the school and the parents do to help him go forward? It is also very important for the teachers to meet with the parents to get a general overview about how the child is doing at home with his school assignments, and discuss any other questions or concerns regarding the child’s integral educational development.

For the purposes mentioned above, Mar Qardakh School's teaching faculty holds Parent-Teacher Conferences twice each year, once during the first semester and again during the second semester.

Note: For personal meetings with the school's administrators or department heads, please refer to the Parent Coordinator. You can find the contact information in the Admissions Office list below.

Report cards and the written reviews are also given at the end of each semester.

As parents, your main focus is your child. As an educational institution, our school's main focus is its students. Whether at school or at home, the goal is that the child's education has to go on. In order to achieve this goal, all of us, parents and teachers, have to work hand-in-hand.

We hope to stay in touch with you for the best interest of your children, our students.

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